Slam! Dunk! Apple does it again – simply

iphone5 and iOS 7

The iPhone 5 reinvented using iOS 7

Apple “Can’t innovate anymore? My ass” said VP of Product Marketing, Phil Schiller after announcing Mac Pro at Apples WWDC XXXIII yesterday. Sure they can but better still they can seemingly do nothing then come out and just mop up.  I am of course referring to iOS 7.

For months we have heard nothing else that the Samsung Galaxy range is changing the world.  Built on Android the Galaxy features are said to be leaving Apple behind and potentially in a bad place.  Then in a slightly less perfectly choreographed set of presentations, the Steve Jobs-less team slam-dunk and reclaim their title with one basket.

I now look at my Samsung Galaxy S4 barely a few months old (Samsung’s latest and apparently greatest) and wish it were an iPhone 5.  Yes that very phone I gave to my eldest daughter because I was so bored and frustrated by its legacy interface.  Yes the device was better than the S4 but the interface was exactly the same.  Gone are the faux leatherette stitched lining borders of iOS calendar and email and in comes a beautiful Google-Now – like cleanliness.  White with thin larger fonts and running on everything from iPhone 4 up.  The whole thing looks amazing.  All of the app icons have been restyled giving the iPhone a whole fresh look. They have added those things that have nearly saved Blackberry such as the swipe right to see lists of messages from any screen.  Multiple scrolling home screens glide smoothly over the iOS larger than life screen real estate.  Everything that was missing is now there: pull up settings, animated weather (boo to you HTC), multiple home screens.  Everything you wanted but had defected to Android to get are now now all present but executed so much better than any other phones OS.  Jony Ive’s team were given the iOS update mantle by Steve Jobs and boy did they deliver.  This one release (due in the fall but must come sooner) will kill off the competition.

Jony Ive was on video (he hates presenting live) and left it to Craig Federighi, Apples SVP of Mac engineering to ably take us through the new iOS 7 interface and key features demo.  This time, said Jony Ive in his video, we’ve made it simple and coherent across the entire system.

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iOS 7 Control center

iOS 7 Control center

Windows fast user interface – great, Androids customisation – wonderful, iOS 7 everything – brilliant!  I feel that all of my rants over the past years have been responded to.  I simply want this new iOS and I will no doubt buy another iPhone 5 to get it.

I can ignore how great the new iTunes looks, or how wonderful iTunes radio is.  I’ll get those and seamlessly use them.  They will feel natural to use and I will feel instantly at home with them.  The new camera app, the better battery life promised with this new OS.  It’s simply a must have.

Blow your mind, install iOS 7

Blow your mind, install iOS 7

The software update screen on the iPhone says this: “iOS 7 This update will change the way you use your phone and completely blow your mind”.  Steve Jobs may not still be there in body but his legacy of cool genius lives on in Tim, Craig and of course Jony.

Guys I have been away for so long but now I am coming home.  I am an Apple fanboy once more.


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